CPN SEO Packages:

BASIC SEO Package: Title Tag, Meta Description, Url, Keyword Research with 5 page website and free domain = N70,000 Click here to Pay Online 

STANDARD SEO Package: Title Tag, Meta Description, Url, Keyword Research, Header Tags, Content SEO, Full On-page Optimization with 10 page website and free domain = N100,000 Click here to Pay Online


Full On-page Optimization, 100 dofollow backlinks, Guest posts, Sitemaps,Robots.txt,SSL,Speed optimization,Full Off-page and Technical Optimization with 20 page website and free domain = N150,000 Click here to Pay Online

Certified SEO Expert Exam by CPN Computer Consult

Score 20/25 = 80% to bag our professional SEO certification. This exam is FREE. Attempt repeatedly till you have a distinction score!

For detailed study notes on Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Click: www.cpnseomarketing.com.ng 

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) certification is a credential that demonstrates an individual's proficiency and knowledge in the field of SEO. Obtaining an SEO certification can provide several benefits and functions:

1. Industry Recognition: An SEO certification helps establish credibility and recognition within the industry. It demonstrates to employers, clients, and peers that you have acquired a certain level of expertise in SEO practices and techniques.

2. Enhanced Job Prospects: Having an SEO certification can significantly improve your job prospects in the digital marketing and SEO industry. Employers often look for candidates with certifications to ensure they have the necessary skills to optimize websites and improve search engine rankings.

3. Updated Knowledge: SEO techniques and algorithms continuously evolve, and a certification program ensures that you stay updated with the latest trends and best practices. Certification programs often cover topics such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, technical SEO, and analytics.

4. Confidence and Competence: Going through the process of earning an SEO certification equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle SEO challenges confidently. It gives you a deeper understanding of how search engines work and how to optimize websites effectively.

5. Client Trust and Credibility: Clients and businesses seeking SEO services often prioritize certified professionals. Having an SEO certification can instill trust and confidence in your clients, assuring them that you possess the necessary skills to improve their website's visibility and organic search rankings.

6. Competitive Advantage: In a competitive job market, an SEO certification can give you an edge over other candidates who lack formal training or certification. It showcases your commitment to professional growth and sets you apart from others without certification.

7. Continuous Learning: SEO certifications often require ongoing education and recertification to ensure professionals stay up-to-date with industry changes. This commitment to continuous learning helps you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving SEO landscape.

8. Networking Opportunities: Certification programs often provide opportunities to connect with other SEO professionals, trainers, and industry experts. This networking can lead to valuable connections, collaborations, and mentorship opportunities.

It's important to note that while an SEO certification can enhance your knowledge and credibility, practical experience and a deep understanding of the SEO industry are equally essential. Combining certification with hands-on experience can be a powerful combination for a successful career in SEO.