Property Management in Lagos – CAFEM Property Nigeria

CAFEM Property Nigeria offers the following Services:

1.Estate Agency: We help landlords to sell or let their properties at a minimum market price at their request.We use our expert knowledge of the Lagos and Nigerian Estate Market and our digital marketing expertise to achieve this. We ensure that we interview new tenants who wish to let your properties and take inventory records to hold would be tenants accountable if they damage the components of the newly let property.

2.Management:Download our company brochure to view our Estate management experience and qualifications. We will ensure that the property is well maintained by the tenants and that unruly tenants are evicted without debts.

3.Estate Valuation and Appraisal: We have experienced Estate Valuation consultants to help our clients, the landlords get a best price when they want to dispose off the property for sale or to let.

4.Project management and Facilities Management: We are at the top of our game to ensure adequate maintenance of your properties and construction of your building projects. We will help facilitate adequate construction of your building projects.

5.Estate Marketing: We use both traditional methods of Estate marketing, using of billboards, newspapers, to let and for sale boards and also online marketing methods like display advertising, search engine marketing,social media marketing, search engine optimization and so on.

Our Slogan is “Humanity and Service” as it takes only a professional with a heart of humanity to display excellent service with a goal of pleasing his clients who patronize his services. We will be very grateful if your goodself benefits from our excellent and trustworthy services.


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Functions of an Estate Manager

An Estate Manager leads the team for a private client. They work directly with the owner to plan and execute the overall management of property and service. The Estate Manager oversees a large estate and multiple properties owned by one principal.As an Estate Manager, you will be in charge of the staff employed at the properties, overseeing hiring, training, and management. You will represent your clients in matters regarding the running of the estate and interface with accountants, financial advisors, contractors, lawyers, etc. Responsibilities of an Estate Manager :Handle and execute day-to-day operations of commercial properties.Answer and respond to customer service requests and inquiries.Process customer work orders, needs, and requirements.Interact and ensure smooth relationships between tenants and owners.Provide lease administration for commercial properties.Prepare financial budgets, reports, and statements relating to the real estate business.Initiate and implement methodologies in managing properties.Initiate work processes to enhance business growth.Assist and support administrative and field staff to maximise performance.Implement best practices, procedures, and standards in real estate operationsSource, Screen, and overseeing operations of external vendors.Collect Rents.Estate Manager checking the time Skills required in Estate Management Communication – As an Estate Manager, you must have strong written and oral communication skills. You will be in charge of liaising between the owners and staff, tenants, contractors, etc. Instances of miscommunication can cause losses in revenue, productivity, etc.It would help if you learned how to clearly and articulately communicate with others to understand what is expected of them properly. Organisation – Your job as an Estate Manager will require you to have the necessary organisational skills. As an Estate Manager, you will take part in multiple projects. These could be leasing one unit, renewing leases for another, renovating another, and managing eviction proceedings for yet another. To stay on top of all of these details, you must have exceptional organisational skills. Interpersonal skills – As an Estate manager, you need to be able to work with other people. This can be through negotiation, such as dealing with unscrupulous tenants, or mediation by formulating a contract that suits both sides. Having good interpersonal skills builds trust and can lead to long-lasting relationships. Problem Solving – Estate Managers are often put in charge of properties by absent clients. This means that you will have to make decisions on your own. You will have to find economical and creative ways to manage issues and solve problems that will be acceptable to your client. Leadership – To operate effectively and bring value to your client, you will need to work with a team to manage the property or properties optimally. You will also need leadership qualities to know how to manage people and relationships. That way, you can achieve a common goal. Adaptability – A good real estate manager should learn how to evolve with the market. You should be able to adapt to everchanging trends demands in order to perform your duties effectively. Marketing and Sales – An Estate Manager may often play the role of a Real Estate Agent. You must know where to list the vacant property or unit, you must know how to craft a marketing copy to attract tenants, and you must be able to close the deal.