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Call or Whatsapp +2348066894470 for a free SEO audit of your website

Fees: Title Tag Optimization = N5,000 I Meta description Optimization = N5,000 I URL Optimization = N5,000 

Full On-Page Optimization = N50,000 I Full Off Page Optimization = N50,000 I Full Technical SEO = N50,000

Basic Website(5 Pages) = N50,000 I Standard Website(10 Pages) = N80,000 I Premium Website(20 Pages) = N100,000 I Single Page Website = N30,000 I Web Development/SEO Training = N50,000

Bank Account No: UBA, CAFEM PROPERTY NIGERIA,2084555467

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Business Listing: List your business for free here. 

Business directory listing is very important for the promotion of a business on the internet as once the listing page is indexed, it can be found in the search engines.Proper business directory listing involves listing your business with several directories on the web.These directories that registers your websites url as "dofollow" helps your seo to rank high if the business directory website has a very high domain authority. This is a great opportunity to list your website's url with us for free to create a quality dofollow backlink for your business website.

Apart from our website, some other websites to list your business with includes the following below:

1.Facebook:Facebook has a very high domain authority ,meaning that apart from using the social media tool from sharing information of your business, creating a facebook page can help you to rank high in the serp due to its high domain authority.

2.Instagram:A sister to facebook, instagram is another website which has a high domain authority and it is very essential having your business in instagram.

3.Yelp:Yelp is a very popular  business directory.Registering your business and website with yelp is very essential.

4.Yellow Pages:This is a very important business directory for international business listing.It is as popular as yelp as a business directory and should't be ignored if you want your business to be found

5.Twitter:Twitter may be known as a microblogging website but registering your business and website in twitter is very essential as twitter recently recognizes website links in its webspace as dofollow, meaning that its websites domain authority would pass link juice to websites urls listed in it. This backlinking opportunity cant go to waste which makes listing your business with twitter compulsory.

Business Listing