CPN SEO Packages:

BASIC SEO Package: Title Tag, Meta Description, Url, Keyword Research with 5 page website and free domain = N70,000 Click here to Pay Online 

STANDARD SEO Package: Title Tag, Meta Description, Url, Keyword Research, Header Tags, Content SEO, Full On-page Optimization with 10 page website and free domain = N100,000 Click here to Pay Online


Full On-page Optimization, 100 dofollow backlinks, Guest posts, Sitemaps,Robots.txt,SSL,Speed optimization,Full Off-page and Technical Optimization with 20 page website and free domain = N150,000 Click here to Pay Online

Best SEO Company in Africa 2023 - CPN Computer Consult

Best SEO Company in Africa 2023: CPN Computer Consult: Revolutionizing SEO Services in Nigeria


In the fast-paced world of online business, establishing a strong digital presence is crucial for success. One company that stands out in the Nigerian market is CPN Computer Consult. With their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative approach to search engine optimization (SEO), CPN Computer Consult has emerged as the leading SEO company in Nigeria, helping businesses of all sizes skyrocket their online visibility and organic traffic.

Unleashing the Power of SEO:

CPN Computer Consult has mastered the art of optimizing websites to achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Their team of dedicated SEO experts leverages cutting-edge strategies and industry best practices to drive organic traffic and increase online visibility for their clients. By understanding the unique challenges and goals of each business, CPN Computer Consult creates tailored SEO solutions that yield tangible results.

Best SEO Company in Africa 2023

Comprehensive Keyword Research:

One of the key elements of CPN Computer Consult's success lies in their comprehensive keyword research process. They meticulously analyze market trends, target audience behavior, and competition to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for each client. By optimizing website content with these strategically chosen keywords, CPN Computer Consult ensures that their clients' websites rank prominently for relevant search queries, attracting qualified leads and driving conversions.

Best SEO Company in Africa 2023

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization:

CPN Computer Consult leaves no stone unturned when it comes to SEO. They excel in both on-page and off-page optimization techniques to maximize their clients' online presence. From optimizing meta tags, headings, and content structure to building high-quality backlinks and social signals, CPN Computer Consult employs a holistic approach to SEO, enhancing website authority, relevance, and credibility.

Best SEO Company in Africa 2023

Engaging Content Marketing:

Recognizing the importance of engaging and relevant content, CPN Computer Consult integrates content marketing strategies into their SEO campaigns. They have a team of skilled content creators who produce captivating and informative articles, blog posts, and other forms of content that not only appeal to the target audience but also boost organic search rankings. By combining SEO and content marketing, CPN Computer Consult ensures that their clients' websites not only rank well but also provide value to visitors.

Best SEO Company in Africa 2023

Transparent Reporting and Analytics:

CPN Computer Consult believes in transparency and accountability. They provide their clients with detailed reports and analytics that showcase the progress of their SEO campaigns. With real-time data on website traffic, keyword rankings, and other vital metrics, clients can make informed decisions and track the return on investment (ROI) of their SEO strategies.

Best SEO Company in Africa 2023


In the highly competitive world of SEO services in Africa, CPN Computer Consult shines as the go-to company for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence. With their unmatched expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to delivering exceptional results, CPN Computer Consult has earned its reputation as the best SEO company in Nigeria. By partnering with CPN Computer Consult, businesses can unlock their full online potential, outshine the competition, and achieve sustainable growth in the digital landscape.

Best SEO Company in Africa 2023

CPN Computer Consult Website: www.cpnseomarketing.com.ng

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