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best secondary school in ikorodu

Best Secondary School in Ikorodu-Affordable secondary school for N15000 per term

Best Secondary School in Ikorodu: Enrol your children to our school = God's Love Secondary College.The purpose of setting up our college is to ensure that every Nigerian gets access to quality education irrespective of their financial status.Our college tuition fee of N15,000/Term is among the lowest fees payable by a student in Lagos.

      By enrolling your student, he/she benefits education in the following subjects of Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science, Geography, Economics, Government, Commerce, Accounting,Literature in English, Yoruba etc.

      We expect your goodself to make enquiries on the quality education that your child will benefit and I assure you that you will benefit the best education your child can ever have.

Benefits of enroling with our secondary school/college

We regard our secondary school as the best secondary school in ikorodu because students who register with us not only benefit affordable secondary school education but also get the best quality of education from seasoned teachers.The students apart from their usual education in their various subjects will also be trained seriously in the use of the computer, digital marketing and the game of chess, as the proprietor of God's Love secondary college is very passionate in ensuring that children learn these skills for the purpose of personal development and to become self employed as a computer analyst.

Education is very important and compulsory in the development of a nation. We live in a continent called Africa where archaic traditions and norms are given more value than science and education. This shouldn,t be the case, and it takes superior education and enlightenment to make the staus quo change.True education is not just about knowing, but  using what you know to change society the better.A truly educated person knows how to be healthy by watching what he eats, must know how to be happy and make others happy through politeness and respect and must be humane. Be an activist of humanity and human rights as human rights makes every man free and protected.

Phone: 08066894470

Call our number below to make an enquiry to know more about the benefits of enroling with us.