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Best Chess School in Lagos,Nigeria,Ikorodu

Best Chess Club in Lagos, Nigeria-CAFEM Chess Club

Best Chess Club in Lagos, Nigeria: CAFEM Chess Club is reputed as the best chess club in Lagos Nigeria. Contact us now for quality strategy and tactical training. Our Chess club and school is located in Ikorodu. We will train you on the various strong chess openings, like the Fried Liver attack, King's Indian Attack, Queen's Indian Defense, Ruy Lopez, Queen's Gambit, Sicilian, Classical and Hypermodern Openings.

Chess is a beneficial sport, as it teaches the players, the importance of critical thinking, concentration, patience and the basis of life: which is to always get up when you fall, the more you lose games, the better you become when you study and believe that you will always become better day by day.

Best Chess Openings: 

1.Sicilian:The sicilian is the most widely used chess opening used by all chess grandmasters.It starts with the moves 1.e4,c5.

2.King Indian: This is the most popular hypermodern chess opening used by grandmasters when playing with black. It has both attack variation when using white and defense variation when using black. It simply involves the fianchetto of the king's bishop making the Nf6 move first and immediately castling kingside as last move.

3.Queen's Gambit:This is rated the 3rd most popular opening by grandmasters, most especially by the 20th century grandmasters.It has its variation called the queen gambit accepted and the queen gambit declined. The chess player who plays this hopes to sacrifice the white c4 pawn in order to control the centre which usually leads to a white victory. It was a favourite of Alexander Alekhine, even though the chess prodigy disliked using it until he realised its importance when playing with Boris Spassky at the 1972 World Chess Championship.These are the greatest chess openings. However, a novice may get more wins using the reti system also called the double fianchetto.

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