About Us – CPN Computer Consult

About Us: CPN Computer Consult is an ICT company specialised in Search Engine optimization, Digital marketing and web development. Our firm’s name ranks high at the top of search engines as the best seo specialist in ikorodu, the best seo specialist in lagos and the best seo specialist in Nigeria. We can develop and launch dynamic websites ranging from individual websites to company and e-commerce websites.We believe in rendering quality services to our customers and we deliver our clients completion of projects within a week to show our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Digital Marketing Stretegy 

We are digital marketing professionals with lots of experience in digital marketing. SEO is a form of marketing that no company can ignore because a perfectly optimized website is expected to rank very high in the search engine result page as high as possible. For this reason, it is advised that companies employ a certified and experienced seo expert and digital marketer that can assist the company reach its marketing goals. At CPN Computer Consult, we adopt an seo strategy to fous more on keyword analysis, as optimizing an obscure keyword with little traffic will not serve a company’s interest. For this reason, we carry out a detailed analysis of keywords with high search volume and at the same time, with low competition in order to rank high in the search engine result page.

After the keyword research , we ensure that we carry out best practices in search engine optimization which is very necessary to ensure that the website ranks high. We also ensure that we produce  professional looking and functional websites that the public will be willing to interact with.

 Omoseye Alebiosu is recognised by Google’s SERP as the best seo expert in Ikorodu Lagos, as his hardwork and diligence towards search engine optimization made him exceptionally good in understanding how search engines work.He has tried all techniques of seo ranging from white hat seo technique, grey hat seo technique and blackhat seo technique and has come to the conclusion that both grey hat and black hat seo techniques can indeed hurt your seo rankings, which is why it is advisable for seo practitioners to stay clear from black hat seo techniques and focus more on white hat seo techniques.